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Reasons You May Need Hand Surgery

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Our hands enable us to thrive. We feel, touch, grasp, carry and hold the world around us using our hands. So, what do we do when our hands hurt or are weak? In some cases, we turn to the experience and expertise of one of our Jacksonville Orthopedic surgeons. This blog explores the reasons you […]

How Do I Know If I Really Need a Hand Surgery Specialist?

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A hand fracture and a hand injury that’s going to require surgery are two different things. But how do you know if your particular injury is going to require surgery? The first thing you need to do is contact a hand surgery specialist immediately. Scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon is the only way […]

Signs of a Broken Ankle: Is Your Ankle Broken or Sprained?

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Both a sprained or broken ankle can cause severe pain. In addition, the same sorts of injuries could cause both types of injuries. Shared symptoms include swelling, pain and trouble walking. A doctor may even have to order an x-ray to know for sure; however, there are some signs that your ankle is surely broken […]

When to See an Orthopedist About Foot & Ankle Problems

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Our feet and ankles are extremely important to our body. They allow us to walk around and do other things such as dance or play sports. Because of this, it is important to listen to your body. If your feet and ankles are injured, you want to take care of them as soon as possible. […]

Shoulder Injuries Common in the Summer

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Summer is full of activities for many people. Unfortunately, for some people, that also means a rise in injuries. Many of these injuries are related to the shoulder. It is important to note that if you do injure your shoulder, you should get some help immediately so that it does not become and even bigger […]

Signs That Your Sports Injury May Be Serious

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Spotting the warning signs that you have a serious sports injury is key to seeking and receiving proper and prompt medical attention. If you are experiencing any of the signs, please treat your injury as serious and consult us immediately.