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5 Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

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Severe knee pain is an unfortunate part of a lot of people‚Äôs lives and can hamper everyday obligations. Unfortunately, knee pain can happen to almost anyone, no matter their age, gender, or lifestyle. To protect yourself from the dangers of escalating knee injuries and conditions, it’s important to know the common causes. Knowing the exact […]

Yoga and Mindfulness Coupled with Orthopedics for Pain

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Working with the breath and meditation may be useful for a variety of patient experiencing chronic pain and more. Yoga and mindfulness are now seen as useful therapies that may enhance physical therapy sessions. Understand more about how yoga and mindfulness may be incorporated into a treatment program. Learn More About Yoga and Mindfulness Mindfulness […]

Chiropractic for Orthopedic Pain Management

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Patients may find that chiropractic sessions help them experience less pain. Chiropractic may be used within a patient treatment program to address a variety of conditions. Those suffering from lower back pain, chronic headaches, difficulty sleeping and more may want to investigate this therapy. Learn more about how chiropractic may benefit your well-being. Chiropractic May […]

Warning Signs of Carpal Tunnel and Texting Thumb

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Continuous typing can cause repetitive motion injuries that cause pain in and affect the function of digits. Historically, carpal tunnel syndrome has been a pervasive injury caused by repeated typing. As messaging on handheld devices becomes more common, texting thumb is joining carpal tunnel syndrome as a major orthopedic issue. Here are three warning signs […]

3 Things You Should Know About Hip Flexor Strains

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A hip flexor strain occurs when your hip flexor muscles become injured through various activities that cause the muscles to overstretch or hyperextend. Such strains can vary in severity, from minor injuries which can be treated at home to severe strains that need medical attention. Where are your hip flexors located and how can they […]

Is Tennis Elbow An Occupational Risk?

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Recent research shows that certain manual tasks commonly performed on the job may be increasing your risk of tennis elbow, a painful condition that may require surgery. In light of this evidence, it is important for employers and employees to take steps to protect themselves from this condition. About Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow, also known […]

You Don’t Have to Live with Sciatica

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The Sciatic nerve is the largest in your body, so when there is something wrong with it, there is bound to be some pain. The actual nerve starts out in the lower spine, goes into the buttock, to the back of the thigh and keeps going down to the foot. Unfortunately, this means sciatica pain […]

Reasons You May Need Hand Surgery

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Our hands enable us to thrive. We feel, touch, grasp, carry and hold the world around us using our hands. So, what do we do when our hands hurt or are weak? In some cases, we turn to the experience and expertise of one of our Jacksonville Orthopedic surgeons. This blog explores the reasons you […]

How Do I Know If I Really Need a Hand Surgery Specialist?

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A hand fracture and a hand injury that’s going to require surgery are two different things. But how do you know if your particular injury is going to require surgery? The first thing you need to do is contact a hand surgery specialist immediately. Scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon is the only way […]

Signs of a Broken Ankle: Is Your Ankle Broken or Sprained?

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Both a sprained or broken ankle can cause severe pain. In addition, the same sorts of injuries could cause both types of injuries. Shared symptoms include swelling, pain and trouble walking. A doctor may even have to order an x-ray to know for sure; however, there are some signs that your ankle is surely broken […]