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How Can Physical Therapy help me?

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Physical therapy is a treatment option that uses specific exercises to improve mobility, relieve pain and improve your overall quality of life. For many patients, physical therapy is a non-invasive alternative to other riskier treatments, such as surgery. How do I know if I should try physical therapy? Physical therapy is appropriate for patients with […]

Exercise safely in the summer heat

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Exercising in the heat without the proper precautions can lead to complications. When your body gets overheated, you may be at risk of heat cramps, dehydration and even heatstroke. To stay safe while you are exercising during the hotter months of the year, follow the tips below. 1. Get a physical. Before you begin any […]

Do Warm-ups Prevent Sports Injuries?

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The most important reason for warming up before doing any sport is to prevent injury. Keeping the muscles warm prevents injuries like hamstring strains and muscle strains. Typically, a warm-up exercise consists of light cardiovascular exercises with stretches. The cardiovascular exercises are intended to increase circulation, bring the heart rate up and prepare the muscles […]

Regenerative Medicine: Are You an Ideal Candidate?

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Regenerative medicine is a new field of orthopedics to provide benefits without surgery. Regenerative therapies with platelet-rich plasma and stem cells are a good option for joint damage, sprains and sports injuries. Depending on your health and condition, you may be a good candidate for regenerative medicine. Patients who are good candidates for regenerative medicine […]

Best Low-Impact Sports for a Better Physique

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Low Impact Sports There are plenty of low-impact sports that will help you stay injury free while giving you a good physique. Basically, any physical sport with minimal wear and trauma to weight-bearing joints is considered a low-impact sport. Here’s a list of some low-impact sports to incorporate into your fitness routine Swimming The buoyancy […]

Sprained Ankle Recovery Time & Treatment

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A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments supporting the ankle become overstretched or torn. An ankle sprain can range anywhere from mild to severe. The grade of an ankle sprain depends on the amount of damage to the ligaments. At-Home Treatment for an Ankle Sprain Once you injure your ankle, you need to begin using […]

What is Emergency Orthopedic Medicine?

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Any type of injury involving the bone or the structures surrounding can be quite serious. While a sprained ankle or pulled tendon. may not require immediate care, there can be certain emergencies that do. In addition, some cases may not be pressing in the sense that they are dangerous they may simply cause much pain […]