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What Is A Frozen Shoulder?

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Frozen shoulder is also called adhesive capsulitis. It’s a common condition where the articular shoulder capsule stiffens and swells. It refers specifically to the shoulder joint. The shoulder has a ball and socket joint, and the proximal humerus fits into the shoulder blade. Frozen shoulder is believed to cause the formation of scar tissue in […]

What Causes Tendonitis and How Is It Treated?

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Tendonitis is a condition where a tendon has become inflamed. It can occur in the knee, shoulder, heel, elbow and more. Often, it is cause by an overuse of the tendon or injury. This is why tendonitis is a common sports injury. It’s common in active adults. Some of the most common types of tendonitis […]

Swimmer Injuries: Tips for Preventing Torn Rotator Cuffs

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The shoulder is a very mobile joint and needs to be controlled by the ligaments and muscles that surround the joint. Poor stroke technique, previous shoulder injury, over-training and weakness can lead both to being overworked. If this continues, injuries such as rotator cuff impingement can occur and torn rotator cuff can occur. Here are […]

Sprained Ankle Recovery Time & Treatment

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A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments supporting the ankle become overstretched or torn. An ankle sprain can range anywhere from mild to severe. The grade of an ankle sprain depends on the amount of damage to the ligaments. At-Home Treatment for an Ankle Sprain Once you injure your ankle, you need to begin using […]

Treating Your Sprained Ankle

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The ankle is actually a weight-being joint where three bones meets. Ligaments and bands of fibrous tissue hold these bones together. An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligament. An ankle sprain is typically caused by the joint being forced out of it usual range of motion. If it’s severe, it may look and […]

Who Is At Risk For Carpal Tunnel?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain and aggravation and even get in the way of your ability to work and earn a living. How do you evaluate your risk for carpal tunnel? And what can you to do be proactive about this common, but challenging, condition?

Ways to Deal With Hand Arthritis

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In general, the joints of the hands are most frequently affected by arthritis. From writing a grocery list to opening the pantry door, the pain and limited mobility caused by arthritis in the hands can prevent us from accomplishing even the simplest of daily tasks. However, we offer a variety of innovative treatments to residents […]

Your Foot Pain Could Be Plantars Warts

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Lots of people suffer from foot pain, and in many cases, discomfort is ignored or “written off” as just part of the natural wear-and-tear of everyday living, the effects of aging or wearing ill-fitting shoes. But is it? The feet are some of the most complex structures in the body, comprising dozens of bones, joints, […]

Why Foot Care is Important

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Your feet were made for walking, and it’s important not to tiptoe around the importance of foot health. Despite the distance from your heart, the health of your feet can impact your overall health. It’s important not to ignore foot pain. If your feet hurt, it’s time to see your doctor or schedule an appointment […]