Rehabilitation After Achilles Tendon Surgery

March 20, 2017

Following Achilles tendon surgery, immobilization of the affected foot is essential. Immobilization can last up to 12 weeks. During this time, patients receive either a walking boot or cast designed to provide support and prevent movement. How quickly a patient progresses...

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Swimmer Injuries: Tips for Preventing Torn Rotator Cuffs

March 14, 2017

The shoulder is a very mobile joint and needs to be controlled by the ligaments and muscles that surround the joint. Poor stroke technique, previous shoulder injury, over-training and weakness can lead both to being overworked. If this continues, injuries...

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Do Warm-ups Prevent Sports Injuries?

March 7, 2017

The most important reason for warming up before doing any sport is to prevent injury. Keeping the muscles warm prevents injuries like hamstring strains and muscle strains. Typically, a warm-up exercise consists of light cardiovascular exercises with stretches. The cardiovascular...

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Sprained Ankle Recovery Time & Treatment

February 6, 2017

A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments supporting the ankle become overstretched or torn. An ankle sprain can range anywhere from mild to severe. The grade of an ankle sprain depends on the amount of damage to the ligaments. At-Home...

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5 Minimally Invasive Surgery FAQ’s to Ask Your Spine Specialist

February 1, 2017

Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is an exciting alternative to traditional spine surgery. The orthopedic surgeons at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists frequently perform MISS procedures to address a variety of issues related to the spine. 1. What is the Difference Between...

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What is Emergency Orthopedic Medicine?

January 31, 2017

Any type of injury involving the bone or the structures surrounding can be quite serious. While a sprained ankle or pulled tendon. may not require immediate care, there can be certain emergencies that do. In addition, some cases may not...

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Whats The Best Ankle Brace For Me?

January 31, 2017

With the ever widening array of choices when it comes to ankle braces out there, how in the world is someone supposed to make the right choice for their particular orthopedic need? Most of us have done it – driven...

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When Should You Stretch

January 12, 2017

If you’re wondering whether you need to stretch before or after you exercise, congratulations! That means that you’ve committed to an exercise plan and are on your way to wellness. Remember, before starting any exercise program, be sure to consult...

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Ways to Deal With Hand Arthritis

January 8, 2017

In general, the joints of the hands are most frequently affected by arthritis. From writing a grocery list to opening the pantry door, the pain and limited mobility caused by arthritis in the hands can prevent us from accomplishing even...

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Staying Germ Free at Work

December 30, 2016

It happens every year at the office. Employees go home with a stomach bug, the flu or another virus from the workplace. The germs that cause these illnesses can scatter throughout the workplace in just a few hours. And those...

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