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If you’re doing physical therapy following a surgery or injury, you might consider using stem cell therapy to help your body heal. Stem cell injections help your body regenerate cells, which can help tissues heal quicker.

Stem cells are a basic type of human cell that create new cells in existing tissue. Therefore, they can help repair tissues that have been injured or damaged.

Here are some conditions that stem cell injections can help:

Articular cartilage

If you damage or injure articular cartilage, it’s difficult to repair through surgical means. The repair can lead to arthritis years after the injury. Recent studies have shown that stem cell therapy can improve outcomes with fewer arthritic issues.

Tendons and ligaments

Injuries to tendons and ligaments don’t often heal well. Traditionally, autografts, allografts and resorbable materials have been used to repair problems with tendons and ligaments. However, these options can lead to scarring and tissue rejection. Using stem cell therapy can improve the repair of tendons and lead to fewer tendon defects.


Tears to the meniscus often can’t be repaired. Natural healing usually leads to limited results and removing the torn meniscus leads to arthritis. Studies have shown that physical therapy combined with stem cell therapy leads to better healing and adherence of meniscal tears.

Spineback problems stem cell therapy

Spinal disc degeneration is a common cause of back pain. When treated conservatively, approximately 90 percent of patients don’t see improvement. Surgical options are limited and quite invasive. Stem cell therapy has been shown to diminish lower back pain. Even on MRIs, the disc tissues appear to regenerate, so it’s a good option for people who experience lower back pain due to disc degeneration.


Osteonecrosis of the hip can progress to an arthritic joint. Standard treatment for osteonecrosis includes cord decompression, but results can be quite limited. However, the condition improves significantly in patients who receive stem cell therapy along with cord decompression.

Other conditions where stem cell therapy can be beneficial include:

Osteoarthritis in joints
Cartilage Injuries
Muscle, tendon or ligament tears
Shoulder and hip injuries
Acute and chronic muscle strains
Ligament sprains
Muscle fibrosis
Joint capsular laxity
See a patient stem cell success story here, and if you’d like more information about including stem cell therapy in your recovery, please contact us.

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