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One of the most promising methods of orthopedic treatments to come available in recent years is stem cell therapy. By encouraging regeneration and leveraging your body’s own healing methods, stem cell injections provide a highly effective means of treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

Types of Stem Cell Therapy

Doctor holding a stethoscope and word STEMCELL THERAPYAt Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, our orthopedic surgeons practice two types of stem cell therapy to treat patients suffering from tendonitis, acute muscle strains and more. These treatments are:

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate/Adipose Graft

In this treatment, adipose tissue and bone marrow is gently extracted from hip/flank area and then processed to extract specific cells. These cells are then injected into the area requiring treatment in order to kickstart your body’s healing functions in that area. This treatment excels at healing osteoarthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, lumbar disk disease and more.

  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

In this treatment, stem cells are extracted from platelet-rich plasma that is collected via an IV and then injected into the affected area in order to boost your body’s healing processes. This treatment is effective for treating conditions such as tendonitis/tendonosis, muscle strains, osteoarthritis, muscle fibrosis and more.

Enjoy the Benefits of Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell therapy has a number of unique benefits, from its effectiveness to the fact that the procedures are incredibly non-invasive. By encouraging your body to heal the condition itself, stem cell therapy can also provide a more permanent cure for your condition and increase the likelihood of long-term success.

If you would like to learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of stem cell injections and live a healthier, more active life, we invite you to contact us today.

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