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Regenerative medicine is a new field of orthopedics to provide benefits without surgery. Regenerative thefemale doctor with patientrapies with platelet-rich plasma and stem cells are a good option for joint damage, sprains and sports injuries. Depending on your health and condition, you may be a good candidate for regenerative medicine. Patients who are good candidates for regenerative medicine are good candidates regardless of age. Stem cell injections are most appropriate for patients with:

  • Moderate osteoarthritis
  • Chronic tendinitis
  • Damaged musculoskeletal tissues, such as a rotator cuff
  • Partially torn tendons

Regenerative Medicine for Back Pain and Degenerative Disc Disease

The purpose of injecting stem cells into degenerated discs is to heal the disc by closing annual tears and rebuilding the disc. Stem cells differentiate into healthy chondrocytes. Regenerative therapy for spinal conditions in the United States is limited to the patient’s own adult stem cells found in either fat or bone marrow. It is helpful for back pain and degenerative disc disease.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Regenerative Medicine?

Not everyone is a good candidate for regenerative medicine. Those who are not good candidates include:

  • Patients undergoing treatment for blood borne diseases
  • Patients with lymphoma or leukemia
  • Patients with an active infection
  • Patients taking a high dose of blood thinner
  • Patients with multiple medical issues, such as diabetes, low testosterone and hypothyroidism

Southeast Orthopedic Specialists

At Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, physicians utilize bone marrow and tissue extracted from the hip. Once it’s processed, specific cells are injected under ultrasound into affected body areas. With platelet-rich plasma treatment, the patient’s own blood cells are extracted and injected into the affected area. If you would like to find out whether or not you’re a good candidate for regenerative medicine, schedule for a one-on-one consultation today.

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