Records & Prescriptions


We know there are many situations for which you will need a copy of your medical file. For legal purposes there is a form that MUST be completed and mailed, faxed or dropped off to one of our locations.

Please click here to download the form

Please allow seven to ten business days for your records to be available.  You will be notified by the office when your records are available.


While you may receive prescriptions in the office to help treat your condition, the following information is to provide our policy for post-op prescriptions and refills.

The protocol for patients receiving post-operative medications is as follows:

Following surgery, patients will receive prescriptions for acute pain. These prescriptions are given upon discharge home from the hospital and may be prescribed for up to one month if needed.

Some prescriptions are pain medications that require a hand-written prescription and have to be picked up from the office. Patients in need of these medications should call the nurse’s line and leave their request clearly stating their name, birth dates and phone number. They need to allow twenty-four to forty-eight hours for their request to be processed and wait for a return phone call for further instruction. Patients should not arrive to the office unannounced to pick up prescriptions, as there is no guarantee a provider will be available for a signature.

For all other prescription refills:

For patients that need refills of medications not related to acute post-op pain, please call your pharmacy and have them fax over a refill request. A hard copy request is required. A patient needs to be seen at least once a year for maintenance medications such as anti-inflammatories. Pain medications require frequent follow up appointments.

This surgical practice medicates patients for acute pain and should not be looked upon as a long term pain management clinic. If patients feel they are in need of long term pain management, they need to discuss this type of treatment with their primary care physician or have arrangements made to be seen by a pain management specialist.


Shaun Janse van Rensburg, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Expert Chiropractic Medicine encompasses manual manipulations of the spine and extremities to restore proper mobility of the joint. Additionally, manual manipulations focus on proper biomechanics to avoid compensation throughout the body that could lead to pain and injury.



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