Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Hip pain is one of the most common causes of chronic pain, affecting a little over seven percent of the US adult population. Among women, hip pain is especially common. Whether from a result of injury, lifestyle choices or other environmental factors, chronic hip pain tends to develop more frequently among female populations.

In most situations, hip pain doesn’t come on immediately. In some cases where an injury is involved, hip pain will begin suddenly. In other cases, the pain will start out low and will gradually increase over time. Too many women ignore the early indications of hip pain and instead wait to speak with an orthopedic doctor about the issue until the pain becomes severe, even debilitating. Left unaddressed, hip pain can interfere with your day to day life, making it difficult or painful to even walk.

chronic hip pain in womenBefore making any changes to your lifestyle to address hip pain, or looking for treatment options, it is important that you speak with your hip doctor or chronic pain specialist. The reason for this is that in some situations, what women experience as hip pain is actually pain from the upper thigh or upper buttocks, or even from the lower back. These issues, while just as debilitating, will require a different method of treatment.

The following conditions mark the most common causes of hip pain among women:

  • Hip fractures. This is an especially common concern among older women, specifically those with osteoporosis, a condition marked by decreased bone density. When the cause of hip pain is due to a fracture, the pain will be most severe when you stand and straighten or lift your leg.
  • Arthritis. Another common cause of chronic pain throughout the body, arthritis is the most common source of hip pain. Arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, develops when there is inflammation in the cartilage of the joints.
  • Tendinitis. This refers to the swelling or inflammation of the tendons that connect the hip muscles to the joint. Often, tendinitis develops as a result of overuse. Runners are especially prone to tendonitis, although it can develop in anyone who puts heavy use on their lower body.

Other common causes of hip pain among women include hernias, an injury that typically affects athletes but also poses a risk for pregnant women, as well as potential gynecological issues.

If you are experiencing hip pain, contact a Jacksonville orthopedic specialist at Southeast Orthopedics to speak with a pain management specialist who can help you find the right treatment to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Frank Collier – Pain Management Specialist | SouthEast Orthopedic Specialist

Frank Collier, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Dr. Frank Collier is a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician and Pain Management Specialist who specializes in the treatment of injuries and illnesses that affect how people move and function while living with pain.



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