Is Rest the Best Remedy for a Concussion?

Is Rest the Best Remedy for a Concussion?While the physicians at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists focus on treating musculoskeletal conditions caused by sports injuries, many of our patients have also suffered concussions and other brain injuries at one point or another. In the last decade, the number of people seeking emergency treatment for sports-related traumatic brain injury has risen by over 60 percent.

Traditionally, people who suffered concussions were prescribed bed rest by their physicians to help them avoid re-injury in the days following the concussion. Some doctors even recommend “cocoon therapy,” where patients are told to remain in a darkened room. However, there has never really been evidence that this helped recovery. Now a recent study has found that not only does physical and cognitive rest not promote recovery, but it may actually make the condition worse.

Why Bed Rest May Prolong Symptoms

There could be several factors at work. One of the study’s authors noted that “excessive restrictions of activity” on a patient could “influence their perception of illness.” Another doctor said that if patients are “isolated from their friends, then they’re more likely to focus on and hence report their symptoms.” Further, she noted, remaining in bed for days can actually create or worsen symptoms like headaches, weakness and dizziness.

Two doctors who commented on the study said that the findings, along with earlier research, point out that while each patient is unique, “a recommendation of reasonable rest for the first few days after a concussion followed by a gradual resumption of cognitive activities….” They also advise “prompt follow-up with the pediatrician, sports medicine physician or other capable provider….”

Highly-Specialized Surgeons

The fellowship-trained physicians at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists each specialize in a specific body part or orthopedic specialty. Many of our orthopedic surgeons have gained national recognition and, in addition to their clinical work, educate other doctors on the latest surgical techniques.

Whether you’re dealing with a new injury or one you suffered many years ago that is impacting your life and mobility, call or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists. We have five sports injury clinics throughout the Jacksonville area. We also offer physical rehabilitation services and pain management techniques to help get our patients heal as quickly and completely as possible.

Shaun Janse van Rensburg, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Expert Chiropractic Medicine encompasses manual manipulations of the spine and extremities to restore proper mobility of the joint. Additionally, manual manipulations focus on proper biomechanics to avoid compensation throughout the body that could lead to pain and injury.



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