Facts about Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment

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Are you considering orthopedic stem cell treatment? Make sure you receive quality treatment from a doctor specializing in orthopedic stem cell treatment and orthopedic sports medicine in Jacksonville, FL. Here is a list of what you should know before going through with the procedure. What Is Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment? Orthopedic stem cell treatment is an alternative […]

Dos and Don’ts after Joint Replacement Surgery

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One of the downsides to aging is that our joints wear out or get damaged. A lifetime of playing sports, exercising, and other physical pursuits, just like any appliance you have, takes its toll. In extreme cases of joint damage or wear, it may be necessary to replace the joint. If your doctor is recommending […]

Things You Didn’t Know about Spinal Fusion Surgery

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A condition called lumbar spinal stenosis causes chronic lower back pain and loss of mobility in older adults. More and more patients are turning to spinal fusion surgery as a means to treat this painful condition. But is spinal fusion surgery right for you? Before you decide to go through with this surgery, make sure you […]

Arthritis and Weather: Correlation or Perception?

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According to the US Centers for Disease Control, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. There are many different forms of arthritis, but in the most severe cases, joint replacement is a necessary option. If you are considering options in treating arthritis and joint replacement cost in Jacksonville, FL, has you wondering […]

Know When to Seek Medical Care for Lower Back Pain

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Back pain doesn’t necessarily require medical attention in all cases. Mild pain that doesn’t overly impair your movement or daily activities often goes away on its own. A bit of soreness should be relatively easy to treat with over-the-counter remedies. However, there are many instances when it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor. […]

Anterior vs Posterior Hip Replacement Surgeries: Know the Difference

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If you need hip joint replacement surgery in Jacksonville, FL, chances are you are debating whether to have an anterior or posterior procedure done. What you choose should be in consult with your doctor and you should consider what they recommend. Here, though, are the key differences. Posterior Surgery This is done by making an […]

Debunking the Myths about Joint Replacement Surgery

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Are you thinking about undergoing joint replacement surgery? Read this article to separate fact from fiction before opting for surgery, and consult with your spine care doctor in Jacksonville, FL, if you have any questions. You Shouldn’t Visit the Dentist before Joint Replacement Surgery True. Dental work, including routine cleanings, can increase the risk of infection. Having […]

5 Common Causes of Hand Pain

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We use our hands so much every day, and when they are in pain, our life is put on hold. From typing to brushing our teeth, to driving, eating, and using our cell phones, our hands are a very important part of our life. Don’t let hand pain keep you from the activities you enjoy. […]

Important Stretches to Avoid Sports Injuries

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How you treat your body every day affects your long-term health. Eating right and exercising can prolong your lifespan and prevent health complications in the future. Nearly everyone knows this to be true. But did you know that making a habit of certain healthy behaviors can prevent injuries today? Orthopedic surgeons, the experts in caring […]

Learn What Causes Stress Fractures

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Ouch! Lately, after finishing weeknight practices with your summer soccer league, your left shin feels very sore. You’ve tried resting it, icing it, and taking anti-inflammatories, but nothing seems to help, and it seems to be getting worse. You decide it is time to see your doctor. After a trip to the orthopedic center in Jacksonville, […]