What is a Ganglion Cyst and Can It be Treated

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Of all the ailments an orthopedic doctor can help cure, Ganglion cysts are one of the most common. Ganglion cysts are viscous fluid filled lumps or masses that form around joints and tendons. They tend to be firm to the touch and uniformly round. Often, orthopedic doctors will use a light to determine if the […]

How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

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If you get a sprained ankle, immediate treatment is needed. It’s important to treat the sprain correctly, as not following the right treatment protocol may result in delayed healing, or even further injury. Tips to Care For A Sprained Ankle Read our tips below to help you learn how to care for a sprained ankle. […]

Warning Signs of Carpal Tunnel and Texting Thumb

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Continuous typing can cause repetitive motion injuries that cause pain in and affect the function of digits. Historically, carpal tunnel syndrome has been a pervasive injury caused by repeated typing. As messaging on handheld devices becomes more common, texting thumb is joining carpal tunnel syndrome as a major orthopedic issue. Here are three warning signs […]

How to Be Non-weight Bearing After Surgery

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You are having ankle surgery and the doctor says you must be non-weight bearing on the affected ankle afterward, but what does that mean? What is Non-Weight Bearing The term non-weight bearing means you must avoid putting any of your body weight on the ankle for a designated amount of time. How does one remain […]

Flexibility and the Health of Your Joints

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You may not give much thought to your joints on an everyday basis, but the health and flexibility of your joints is crucial to maintaining an active and pain-free lifestyle. While natural flexibility does vary from person to person, there are steps you can take to improve and maintain your flexibility–and the reasons it’s important […]

How to Strengthen Your Ankle After a Sprain

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An ankle sprain should be immediately treated with the “rice” technique. Rest, ice, compression and elevation to help avoid further injury to the ankle. After a few days of this treatment, however, the ankle is usually recovered enough to begin strengthening efforts. Here’s how to strengthen a sprained ankle in the days soon after the […]

Multicenter Analysis of Midterm Clinical Outcomes of Arthroscopic Labral Repair in the Hip

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Minimum 5-Year Follow-up Mario Hevesi,* MD, Aaron J. Krych,*y MD, Nick R. Johnson,* BS, John M. Redmond,z MD, David E. Hartigan,§ MD, Bruce A. Levy,* MD, and Benjamin G. Domb,II MD Investigation performed at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA; Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, Jacksonville, Florida, USA; and American Hip Institute, Westmont, Illinois, USA […]

3 Things You Should Know About Hip Flexor Strains

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A hip flexor strain occurs when your hip flexor muscles become injured through various activities that cause the muscles to overstretch or hyperextend. Such strains can vary in severity, from minor injuries which can be treated at home to severe strains that need medical attention. Where are your hip flexors located and how can they […]

A Study on Banning Home Plate Collisions Suggests Less Othopedic Injury

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Recently, Major League Baseball revealed plans to put a ban on home plate collisions. According to the results of recent research, banning these collisions may help protect players from serious injuries, some of which require orthopedic surgery. About the Study The study was published by two researchers from Wake Forest University in the International Journal […]

Is Tennis Elbow An Occupational Risk?

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Recent research shows that certain manual tasks commonly performed on the job may be increasing your risk of tennis elbow, a painful condition that may require surgery. In light of this evidence, it is important for employers and employees to take steps to protect themselves from this condition. About Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow, also known […]